[Marxism] Obama: worker friendly?

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>> He's screwing autoworkers, being tepid on EFCA while his party  flees from 
it (and the two things are connected), demonizing teachers' unions,  and so 
forth. As with foreign policy, he's presenting a more enlightened,  
palatible-to-liberals continuation of past policy. I know I shoudn't be, but I  am just fl
abbergasted that there are no serious stirrings coming from the labor  
movement. What else will it take for labor to realize their dead end strategy of  
harnessesing themselves to the Dems as a lobbying, election-funding appendage  
that receives virtually nothing in return? If it can't even get a mild labor 
law  reform passed or put up some sort of defense for one of its historic 
sectors,  all during a time when the ruling class is more discredited than any time 
since  the 1920s... then? Hopefully this glaring deficiency will spark some 
sort of  break within and/or outside the labor movement like what happened 
during the  1930s.<<


The auto  workers are in the process of finding their political legs, with 
the older  generation of communists providing the sparks. Take Chrysler for 
instance. The  last period of mass hiring was during the 1993 - 1995 period. All 
of the younger  workers hired in this period has zero direct experience in 
direct action, with  few exceptions. Further the pace of destruction of the 
workforces is off the  scale. Since January 2008 Chrysler has been halved - from 
roughly 43,000 to  20,000 and falling. GM is facing catastrophic dislocation. 
The writings on the wall was given last May when the American Axle workers  
took a 50% cut in wages. In real time Chrysler workers are being offered a  
$75,000 buy out option with no medical and no benefits and press union officials  
for answers and outlook. 

The labor movement should not be confused  with the meaning of the trade 
union movement.  Because the trade unions are  organized their impact on labor is 
enormous, but it is a mistake to not always  maintain the conceptual 
difference between the two. The labor movement is in the  main outside the electoral 
process and includes all those who must sell their  labor for wages. 
The trade union movement, organized labor, tied its wagon to the Obama  
campaign - the UAW, and the reaction of President Obama to Chrysler; giving the  
company 30 days to cement an agreement with Fiat, is not going to be lost on the 
 Chrysler workers, their families and neighbors. (Although the "hush hush" 
word  is that agreement was already reached tentatively before Obama's 
Who knows? 

There is talk about organizing demonstrations of  auto workers in the nation 
capital. None of the union leaders in the uppermost  chambers of power oppose 
this growing consensus. The problem is that these same  leaders have been slow 
to react to the deepening crisis, and those wanting  to act, in the main do 
not know their "a** hole from a hole in the ground."  Labor Lieutenants of the 
capitalist class is to mild of a term. Those who feel  loyalty and 
responsibility to the membership should go directly to the members  and help organize the 

The big hit is coming. 
Workers at Rouge Steel, who stayed with this Ford plant after it were sold  
have had their pensions reduced to 68% of what they received in January.  
Bankruptcy means a minimum pension reduction to 68% (federal law) and below  
depending on circumstances. 

There is no light - only fight, at the  end of the tunnel. 

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