[Marxism] High-tech layoffs climb in first quarter

J Rothermel jayroth6 at cox.net
Wed Apr 8 01:42:59 MDT 2009

I thought comrades might find this interesting.
Jay Rothermel

High-tech layoffs climb in first quarter
Craig B.
Wed, 8 Apr 2009 00:23:44 -0400

Jay Rothermel <jayroth6 at cox.net>

The hi-tech industry bosses cut 84,217 jobs in the first quarter of 
2009. This follows 66,312 job cuts in the 2008 fourth quarter. Job cuts 
have risen five straight quarters. Add to this 84,000 cuts in 2009 the 
news, reported from one source, that the bosses then added back 50,000 
new hires, and you begin to develop a picture of the intense effort to 
lower wages in this sector of the economy.

This is not a unionized workforce. So, as is the intent of capitalism, 
each worker has to go it alone dreading the news that they will be one 
of the 84,000, then hoping that there is still a market for their labor 
and that they can be one of the 50,000 in the scabs-are-us workforce for 
a lesser wage and under poorer working conditions than they had before.

This all takes place against a background of consolidation of capitalist 
power, e.g., 5 mega-banks become 4, Chrysler becomes Chrysler/Fiat (or 
perhaps Amerigo), IBM angles to take over SUN.

The workers only strength against such pressure is found in solidarity.

It's time to organize.


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