[Marxism] Why Cuba's dreams of major oil discoveries might come true

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 10:12:29 MDT 2009

I agree with Fred on this (and, in fact, the gist of the article he 
posted as well) and not with S. Artesian. I think with S. Artesian POV, 
it's subordinate to the issue of the energy future of the island, albeit 
in a way it's far more long term in terms of investment and future 
development. But I think to a large degree the timeliness and quality of 
what S. Artesian describes is largely dependent ON the development of 
the energy industry, specifically, petroleum, as the investment capital 
'bank' for the Cubans down the road.

Additionally, any such future oil revenue can be used as a mitigation on 
foreign capital inflows into Cuba, something I would think the Cubans 
would try to stem as much as possible in order to maintain control over 
any future indigenous tourist or other industries.

The oil issue is not a new one for the U.S. There is a tactical split 
among the ruling class with overall Finance Capital 'against' ending the 
embargo but the "Petroleum Bourgeoisie" most definitely for ending it. 
As Fred correctly notes, they all want to overthrow the revolution, they 
disagree on how to do it and, the overall priority of such an envisioned 
and desired outcome vs that of petro-dollars flowing into US banks and 
oil companies.

I would really really urge list members not to read only Fred's 
introduction but the article as a whole. The political, economic and 
environmental implications for Cuba and the Caribbean are tremendous.


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