[Marxism] Why Cuba's dreams of major oil discoveries might come true

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 10:50:38 MDT 2009

Where ever and whenever there is oil, oil companies want it. Regardless 
of earnings being "down" (and extremely relative concept if there ever 
was one). Also, it's not Gazprom that is making the big investments but 
Norwegian and Brazilian companies.

There are no open statements from "U.S" oil companies about ending the 
Embargo. They are not politically stupid. However, there is enough 
"chatter" about it that its well known, and not even in dispute: they 
want the Embargo to go away, the sooner the better. If you read industry 
publications on this, talking heads from the industry seem to 'debate' 
this now and again. Oh, and U.S. oil companies, interestingly, have, 
through officially "unaffiliated" subsidiaries, 'bid' without financial 
transactions, on tracts of sea bed off the coast of Cuba, should "things 


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