[Marxism] A Communique on the Events in Moldova from Rezistenta Populara

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 16:21:14 MDT 2009

Trotsky would have been ashamed to know that this less than elementary
"class" analysis is written in his name:

> We fully recognize the fact that the ruling party
> falsified the election results. It is losing support amongst the
> masses, and it has attempted to compensate for this lack of support
> through falsification in order to remain in power. (For the bourgeois
> grouping who backs the party, this is quite important.) However, the
> PKRM's influence is still quite great, and a significant number of
> voters did in fact vote for this party insofar as the other parties
> represent the interests of even more odious bourgeois groupings.
> Unfortunately, seduced by the PKRM's promises to preserve an illusory
> "stability," voters from the masses of workers and the poor did not
> use their chance to vote for the working-class candidate from
> Rezistenta Populara. The central plank of our platform was
> organization of the workers' struggle for their rights.
> The events in Chisinau are a reflection of the struggle amongst the
> main groupings of the bourgeoisie over the redistribution of property
> and state power. The PKRM is supported by the state bureaucracy, which
> is wavering in this situation (the party has had no principled
> activists in its ranks for a long time). The opposition is supported
> by young people (mainly Moldovan speakers) unhappy with the system.

Imperialism does not exist. "Young people" are a class. The role of a
bureaucracy in a tiny semicolonial country is absent.

And so on.

Are these people Trotskysts?????


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