[Marxism] Key Obama backer worth $50 billion profitsfromtaxpayer bailout of Wall Street

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 17:32:44 MDT 2009

Well, Sartesian or anyone else can say that the question's answered,
but it isn't....

The difference between Obama and Bush is between something that's
behind us and can develop no further and something that we still have
with us.  Bush won't have to provide any more answers.  Obama has to
do so.  The direction Obama's going--a continuation of Bush's
largely--leads to nothing but abject failure.

The economic crisis won't permit this administration simply to go
through the motions and be able to bounce off to electoral successes
in 2010 and thereafter....

So, whether asked or not, the question does still stand: "What next?"


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