[Marxism] Key Obama backer worth $50 billion profits from taxpayer bailout of Wall Street

Duane Roberts duaneroberts92804 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 8 21:40:01 MDT 2009

Shane Mage wrote:

> Think about that for a moment--for Buffet to be "mistaken,"
> stock prices in 2023 would have to be *far below* the
> values of last November. Under that scenario everybody,
> including all the governments, would be flat broke.
> The "taxpayers" would be in no position to bail anybody
> out!

But it seems to me that Warren Buffett isn't sitting around waiting until 2023 to see where stock prices will be. 

He's lobbying the state *now* to bail out Wall Street with the underlying expectation this will help Berkshire-Hathaway.


Duane J. Roberts
duaneroberts92804 at yahoo.com


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