[Marxism] Fox to make reality TV show out of company layoffs

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 16:26:51 MDT 2009

An article Louis forwarded reports:

"With economic damage expected to last months or years, such reactions are
becoming common, experts say. Anxiety, depression and stress are troubling
people everywhere, many not suffering significant economic losses, but
worrying they will or simply reacting to pervasive uncertainty.

"Some are seeking counseling or medication for the first time. Others are
resuming or increasing treatment, or redirecting therapy for other issues
onto economic anxiety."

*  *  *

At last! A key to open the door to economic recovery. An increase in demand
for shrinks and drugs, whose beneficial effect of increased spending will
ripple throughout the rest of the economy.

And then there's the increased business at liquor stores, not to mention
funeral homes, both from those who drink themselves to death and those who
kill themselves more directly.


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