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Absolutely fantastic.  I hereby admit I misread Bustelo's earlier post, and 
skipped over the Buffett after he wrote Warren, thereby precipitating my 
faulty accusation of  Joaquin being on a first named basis with Warrren.  My 
error.  Bustelo never referred to Buffett on a first name basis. My apology.

But the rest of Bustelo's self-serving musings are pure bullshit.  First it 
is absolutely apparent, and not just to me, that Bustelo holds Mr. Buffett 
as somehow an "honest" capitalist, and that somehow that "honesty" makes 
Buffett somehow-- I don't know what, somehow more worthy of the benefit of 
the doubt?  more worthy of a fair and impartial trial?  more worthy of  who 
knows what?  I don't.

Secondly, he has doubts about my accuracy?  Yeah, he had doubts about it 
when I pointed out how Charles Brown was on the Obama Obama Obama band 
wagon, when the article on the "orientation" to the Obama presidency was 
posted, how in fact Charles has referred to Obama-- not here, you'll have to 
ask him why-- but elsewhere as "one of us."  I kid you not.

I do not denounce capitalism as being unfair, unjust, criminal, thievery, 
etc.  It is capitalism.  I don't think fairness or justice or legality have 
a thing to do with it, just as I don't think our struggle is for a fair 
capitalism as opposed to an unfair capitalism; a just capitalism, as opposed 
to an unjust capitalism;  a legal, scrupulous, puritanical capitalism vs. an 
unscrupulous, criminal, corrupt capitalism.   It's class, not moral fiber 
that drives this system.

Right, question,  my accuracy-- right General Re did not participate, 
enable, create an accounting fraud so that AIG could appear to be more 
financially sound than it was-- and those senior execs-- they didn't go to 
jail.  Don't they wish?

That these questions of integrity, and calls for probity and restraint can 
come from a man who as I stated earlier accused Socialism and Democracy of 
"apartheid publishing," has urged the nuking of whites and Japanese,  who 
refuses to respond to requests for the data that might show super-profits 
extracted from less developed countries being the sustenance of advanced 
capitalism is..... priceless.  For everything else, there's Mastercard.

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