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Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 12:51:45 MDT 2009

Louis Proyect escribió:
> Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:
>> Demand obedience from foreign rulers or make them face the consequences.
>> It is a project that is not only destined to fail, but is in fact in the
>> process of failing already. And did anyone notice that we have a new
>> president and administration in the US?
>> The above entry can be found at:  www.lewrockwell.com/blog
> I don't find anything particularly objectionable in the article about 
> Moldova that appeared on www.lewrockwell.com but comrades should be 
> aware of the toxic nature of much that appears there. Just the other 
> week I was doing some research on racism and slavery and discovered this:
> http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/jarvis10.html
> Remembering Robert E. Lee
> by Gail Jarvis

Yes, the warning is useful.

I simply made the mistake of believing that by quoting the primary 
source, everyone would have guessed not everything on that webpage 
should be taken as given truth by members of this list.

Anne Williamson is a fine person, was a good friend of Mark Jones´s whom 
he got acquainted with through a shared hate of the criminal gang that 
took over the Soviet Union with Yeltsin (and a similar hate she 
displayed on the Argentinean defenders of Miesian ideas made her look 
under a particularly positive light to me). But yes, she is a strong 
defender of gold standard, an anti-Keynesian Miesian and all that.

She believes that in the American Civil War, Lincoln was the most 
roguish character of all, and hates the construction of a mighty 
national state.

But this is exactly why I thought the article on Moldova was so 
interesting. The ideas of a "little American" (in the sense Chesterton 
or perhaps even Orwell were at core "little Englanders") economic 
anarchist are absolutely free of any kind of "red", even "pinko", 
disease. If these people, from their own point of view, can see 
imperialism in action, it is twice as serious that groups that consider 
themselves radical and Marxist in Russia and surrounding countries 
cannot come to terms with this most basic fact of this world we are 
struggling to revolutionize.

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