[Marxism] Marxism Digest, Vol 66, Issue 34

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 20:10:12 MDT 2009

Yes, Nestor, life looks so much simpler if you're a "little American"
who is able to detect the dread hand of US imperialism in Moldova by
calculating the price of iPhones and the fact that our deluded State
Department sponsors the website of some meaningless weirdos.

But what if the "basic facts" of our world aren't that simple? Rather
than wondering how all those crazy Moldovan kids got their hands on
cellphones (anyone who asks such questions reveals their deep,
profound, total ignorance of life in Eastern Europe -- and, I would
add, their utter contempt for the people who live there), I spent the
last dozen or so hours in correspondence with our man in Chisinau. The
set of questions and answers we came up with is actually a combination
of my own exchanges with Vadim and his answers to an earlier set of
questions posed by a member of the Vpered group in Moscow.

Since the text ended up on the longish side, instead of posting it
here and making subscribers who'd rather not think about Moldova
scroll through it, I've posted it on our website:


All the radicals and Marxists in Russia and surrounding countries whom
I know have no illusions about the beauties of American imperialism.
But how it works in a specific place like Moldova is another question,
as are the other facts people there have to deal with.

Finally, I cannot for the life of me imagine how we can revolutionize
the world by trying not to find out anything about it.

> From: Nestor Gorojovsky <nmgoro at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [Marxism] [Fwd: Re: [A-List] Moldova]

> But this is exactly why I thought the article on Moldova was so
> interesting. The ideas of a "little American" (in the sense Chesterton
> or perhaps even Orwell were at core "little Englanders") economic
> anarchist are absolutely free of any kind of "red", even "pinko",
> disease. If these people, from their own point of view, can see
> imperialism in action, it is twice as serious that groups that consider
> themselves radical and Marxist in Russia and surrounding countries
> cannot come to terms with this most basic fact of this world we are
> struggling to revolutionize.

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