[Marxism] El Telón de Azúcar, Cuba and socialism

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 21:05:43 MDT 2009

I won´t answer all that Waistline2 has written.

I will just clarify his understanding of the meaning of the words Third 

They were coined by a smart bourgeois French economist, a Gaullist.

He said that in the same manner that the Third Estate needed to destroy 
the Ancien Regime in France, 1789, the Third World needed to destroy 

Then, I am not sure if this is "bullshit" or simple ignorance.

Waistline2 at aol.com escribió:
>>> Many people -not only Stalinists, to be honest to ourselves- had a  
> dream during the 20th Century, a dream grounded in a somehow metaphisical belief 
>  that whatever the chances the Soviet Union would never fall down. This 
> belief  was not only naïve but in a sense crudely Positivist (against 
> Hegelian), and  expressed a deep conviction that once socialism had taken grip, 
> however  distortedly and cruelly, somewhere in a large industrial society (and by 
> the  early 60s the SU was beginning to have some of the traits of 
> industrial  societies), then every experiment tending to fav

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