[Marxism] thoughts of rejoicing on Easter Sunday

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 22:10:47 MDT 2009

I was asked on Friday if I would be going to hear Fr Kennedy's last mass at
St Mary's South Brisbane.  He is the radical priest who has been sacked and
expelled from his parish by the Archbishop of Brisbane John Bathersby.  This
purge was almost certainly carried out at the direct bequest of the champion
of Opus Dei -Cardinal George Pell head of the Roman Catholic Church here in

I did not go of course, because I simply cannot tolerate the mumbo jumbo of
Roman Catholicism. Been there done that. It is true that I supported Kennedy
in his fight with the authorities and wrote two leaflets on the struggle.
But it was all in vain.  The congregation at St Mary's seemed to have run
out of fight.  They adapted the rabbit in the footlights approach and
suffered accordingly.

So the right wing won and a good man was driven out. Still this is the kind
of victory that dooms the Church of Rome.  Those who triumphed can now hold
on to their atavistic beliefs in the Virgin Birth, the divinity of Christ,
the existence of a place called Heaven etc.  While they hug all that
nonsense to their bosoms the world is trapped between the scissors of
ecological and financial crises. Meanwhile the Church of Rome is battling to
preserve a core of ideas which are, to put it gently,  simply not relevant
to humanity. One of the few churches in Brisbane that had a large
congregation will close. Vocations to the priesthood will continue to fall.
the decay of the Church of Rome will continue according to the laws of the
most remorseless of dialectics. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they
first make mad.   And the Church of Rome has become very crazy.

And as if the Church of Rome was not irrelevant enough, George Pell came out
on Saturday in support of his mentor and patron Pope Benedict..  Pell
endorsed Benedict's condemnation of condoms.  They won't save Africa
apparently - only abstinence works it seems. The level of idiocy behind this
statement is almost impossible to convey.  So I will let Pell's words speak
for themselves:  He said

"The idea that you can solve a great spiritual and health crisis like AIDS
with a few mechanical contraptions like condoms is ridiculous. Condoms are
encouraging promiscuity.  they are encouraging irresponsibility."

Where to begin?  AIDS is not a  spiritual crisis.  Nor is it a moral one.
To treat it as such simply guarantees the virus will live on. The condom is
not a "mechanical contraption" - at least it wasn't when I last looked.
Scientific research has demonstrated that condoms can prevent
transmission.   That discovery was made by gay activists and the world owes
a debt of gratitude to the first AIDS activists who promoted the condom in
gay communities.

But all this is besides the point.  Pell and the Pope - great experts on sex
that they are have spoken, and it is unfortunate but true that their stupid
words will have some effect.  People will die because of their dogmatism.

However even more people will reject their idiocy.    Benedict's stand on
AIDS & condoms and Pell's sycophantic support will do more damage to Rome
than the work of a thousand atheists.  Truly something to rejoice over this
Easter Sunday - Hallelujah.



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