[Marxism] Comments from directors

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 12 06:07:52 MDT 2009

One of the best things about writing movie reviews on the Internet is 
that it allows you to hear from the directors, even when their comments 
are unsolicited:

This is from the director of "Forbidden Lie$", the Australian movie 
about the Jordanian-American con artist who wrote a book about an honor 
killing that did not happen:

Hi Louis - thanks for the insights and for opening the film up to a 
fascinating and much needed debate. I hope everyone above goes to see 
the film! I also hope it gives pause to those in America who continue to 
push for an interventionist approach to Middle Eastern affairs. We have 
our own crimes of passion to worry about. The stinking hypocrisy of the 
West is one of the reasons I made the film.


This is from the director of "Guest of Cindy Sherman", the guy who lived 
with the artist:

Your review was a pleasure to read, and I feel you understand what Tom 
Donahue and I had at least attempted to communicate. Love has a rough 
road in the high school of adulthood.

Paul H-O

I don't ever expect, of course, to hear from the directors the movies I 
rip, but who would want to!

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