[Marxism] Major Forum in CT on the Guest Worker Program and the Immigrant Rights movement

Christopher Hutchinson christopher.hutch at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 08:15:46 MDT 2009

IMMIGRATION REFORM is climging back into the news ... and the debate in
Congress begins and ends with a 'guest-worker' program. What is a
guest-worker? A 'legal' category of laborers who have no rights under the
law. A 'legal' immigrant whose status can be revoked by his or her employer
at will.
Come and hear the words of *Felipe Muñoz* -- 90 years old! -- who worked in
the original guest-worker program -- the Bracero Program of the 1940s, 50s,
and 60s. Felipe will give a living history of that abusive program -- hear
what he thinks about the humanitarian premise of importing millions of
'guest-workers' into the U.S. And don't forget that Felipe will be joined by
*Jorge Mujica* -- lead organizer for the Chicago May Day protest in 2006
which pulled a million people into the streets for immigrant rights! If you
are against a public policy which makes fugitives out of hardworking people
... if you want to learn about the fight that's coming in the fall ... don't
miss this event!

*Thursday, April 16 - From Bracero to Guest Worker: A Forum on the Historic
Struggle for Immigrant Rights*
*7 PM, Trinity College McCook Auditorium, Hartford, CT*

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