[Marxism] thoughts of rejoicing on Easter Sunday

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 18:02:48 MDT 2009

 Néstor Gorojovsky wrote: And the anomaly that was John Paul the First, who
was adequately disposed of with no loss of time.

Hi Nestor

I loved the way how Coppola & Puzo integrated Albino Luciani's (JP1) story
into *The Godfather 3* (a much underestimated film IMHO).  There is I
believe a Roman saying that a thin pope (hardline conservative) is always
followed by a fat pope (liberal reformer).  Behind the saying is the notion
that the Church maintains its hegemony by striking a balance - favoring
first one side then the other.

It is a sign of the degeneration of the Roman Church that its ruling elite
has lost the capacity to create a balance and to shift their ground in
response to a variety of developments. Thus there has  been a procession of
thin popes - Giovanni Montini (Paul6),  Karol Vojtyla (JP2) and now the
thinnest of them all Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict16).

The objective truth is that the church is dying at the center.  Benedict16
is very aware of the problems and indeed he is like a rat in a cage. A true
geek, he lacks his predecessor's love for and expertise in mounting
spectacular displays and diversions which managed to keep the moment of
reckoning at bay.  But now it is come-to-jesus-time and Benedict16 can only
continue to pursue the path of hardline orthodoxy.  The collapse of the
Church of Rome when it comes will be sudden and amazing - very very like the
fall of the Soviet Union.



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