[Marxism] Tax Tip

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sun Apr 12 21:16:17 MDT 2009

I suggest you file IRS Form 666 with your tax return to receive an extra 
$50 credit. This also provides freedom of choice the American way.
The simple one-page form saves the government administrative costs which 
are passed on to the taxpayer. Instead of sending your money to the 
government you can send it directly to the corporation or CEO of your 
choice from a large IRS selected list.  For example, simply check one or 
more of the following to send your taxes directly to their corporate 
Bank of America
Chase Bank
City Bank
AIG Insurance
Merrill Lynch
Corporate Executives whose net assets fall between $50 million and two 
billion dollars but who have lost their bonus.
There will be many more choices. While none include health care, 
services for the unemployed, education or help for the poor we can feel 
confident that our corporate recipients will appreciate the largess and 
insure that it trickles down. Drop by unregulated drop. And the rest of 
the country will receive benefits in the future with all the money that 
remains. After paying our debt to China.
Best Regards,
Si Rosenthal, Investment Advisor

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