[Marxism] Will Israel attack Iran?

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 09:01:48 MDT 2009

The article is well worth a read.

One part of the article may not be accurate. The writer assumes that 
Israel needs "US permission to cross Iraqi airspace", something that is 
controlled by the U.S. The assumption is wrong. Israel doesn't need to 
fly across Iraq. They can cross Jordanian and Saudi Airspace. The 
Jordanians have no air-defense to speak of and while the Saudi's have a 
rather sophisticated US-supplied AWACS early warning system and 
sophisticated jets, there would be a real question as to whether the 
Saudi's would want to take on the Israeli's in an air war.

The most direct to the Bushair nuclear power plant is across Saudi, not 
Iraq, airspace. But, if the Israelis are serious about this, they will 
ignore the nuclear plant and go after the enrichment facilities and 
research reactors where any actual plutonium would be produced...which 
is Arak and Nantz. These cities are directly across from Iraq their 
planes, assuming they have enough range can still go across Saudi Arabia 
and make a 'left' at the Persian Gulf. These probably would be 'one way' 
suicide missions for the Israelis.


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