[Marxism] kuttner

bkelly kellyr818 at roadrunner.com
Mon Apr 13 10:41:55 MDT 2009


Robert Kuttner article on Huffington. Like many Obama supporters, he is 
keeping his critique aimed at Summers/Geithner, and assuming Obama is 
being misled, given bad advice, etc. One interesting mention is that a 
House committee chaired by a Rep Maloney of NY is having a hearing 
tomorrow with appearances by Joseph Stiglitz, Simon Johnson (the IMF 
economist who wrote the recent Atlantic article), and someone named 
Thomas Hoenig who is a regional Fed president and critical of Bernanke's 
approach according to the article. Presumably one of the C-Span networks 
will cover. They stream as well as broadcast if anyone is interested.

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