[Marxism] Indictment of Posadas for terrorism in Cuba is important development

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Apr 13 12:27:10 MDT 2009

In my opinion, this is THE most important concession to the sovereignty of
Cuba made by the Obama administration. More than the promised and probably
soon-to-come relaxation of the blockade.

For decades, terrorism against Cuba was a basically nonexistent category.
Everything that should have been put there was subsumed under the "just
struggle against Castro dictatorship" category.

The recognition that bombing Cuban hotels is a terrorist act is a genuine
breakthrough after decades in which the US government sponsored many such
activities (quite possibly including the hotel bombings themselves, which
could become part of Posada's defense or threatened defense.

Of course, much depends on whether the trial is held in Miami, where the
political machines can engineer a jury that will give the mass killer a
standing ovation rather than punishment for his crimes.  We will see.

Finally, the recognition of terrorism against Cuba as a category weakens the
government case against the five Cubans, who accepted the assignment of
keeping tabs on groups that were planning attacks on Cuba.
Fred Feldman

April 13, 2009
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Dear Colleague,
In 2005 Luis Posada Carilles – responsible for the bombing of a Cuban
passenger airliner in 1976, among other terrorist acts – was on a ship named
Santrina bound for Miami when it ran ashore on a sandbar in Isla Mujeres.
Narco News Publisher Al Giordano helped point a spotlight on Carilles’
entrance to the US when he reported on the event in 2005 along with the
Mexican national daily newspaper, Por Esto!. For three years the Bush
administration showed more interest in protecting than prosecuting the known
But now the US Department of Justice has filed charges against Posada
Carrilles in a shift of policy.
Giordano reports:
“The sudden exposure sent Posada Carrilles on a panicked northbound voyage,
through the Gulf of Mexico, with international law enforcement agents on his
trail. He entered the United States – a country for whom he had been, from
the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion through the mid-1970s, a CIA ‘asset’ – via
Florida, illegally. President George W. Bush’s ‘global war on terror’ wasn’t
even four years old, but instead of delivering the hemisphere’s most blood
stained terrorist to justice, Washington played legal games to protect
Posada Carrilles from extradition to Venezuela, where he is charged with the
1976 airplane bombing.”
Significantly, this is the first US proceeding in the Posada Carrilles
case that recognizes his role as a violent terrorist
Giordano continues:
“Posada Carrilles, 81, is Cuban-born but a Venezuelan citizen. And that
country has pending charges upon him for the 1976 passenger jet massacre,
carried out when the defendant was a mere lad of 48. Venezuelan President
Hugo Chávez – rarely effusive with praise for Washington – termed the
indictment as bringing ‘good signals on the part of the United States.’”
Read Giordano’s full article and find other articles on Latina America
online at Narco News:

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David B. Briones
The Narco News Bulletin
webmaster at narconews.com

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