[Marxism] Indictment of Posadas for terrorism in Cuba is important development

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 13 13:02:21 MDT 2009

Fred notes the importance of the recent indictment, but incorrectly asks:

"Of course, much depends on whether the trial is held in Miami"

No, the trial is being held in El Paso, and is still fundamentally an immigration violation trial. The perjury charge is in conjunction with lying to immigration officials.

For lots more on the subject, and on the fact that justice will never be served (not to mention international law respected) until Posada is extradited to Venezuela to be tried for murder, I suggest listening to or reading the transcript of the press conference that was held last week, featuring, among others, Livio di Celmo, the brother of Fabio di Celmo whose murder Posada is accused of lying about his involvement about, and Jose Pertierra, the attorney for Venezuela in the extradition matter:


Eli Stephens
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