[Marxism] Chrysler to replace CEO?

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Tue Apr 14 15:22:39 MDT 2009

Ford is also in a limited product-sharing alliance with Fiat, since the  
Ford Ka sold in Europe is based on the same platform as the Fiat 500. Mark  
Fields, Ford president of the Americas, said that on the face of it, Ford has 
no  objection to the proposed Fiat-Chrysler relationship.
GM offers a cautionary tale about Fiat. GM bought 20 percent of Fiat in  
2000, for $2.4 billion. Fiat bought $2.4 billion worth of GM stock. GM  
ultimately wrote off its entire investment in Fiat, and paid Fiat another $2  
billion to end the relationship.
“Fiat five years ago was a joke and a laughingstock, but it has great  
technology today,” Jackson said. Jackson acknowledged that Fiat’s lingering  
reputation in the United States for poor quality is a “marketing challenge,” 
but  he said Fiat’s products today are competitive. “I think it’s a good 
deal,” he  said.
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