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Oops, typed too fast. That was ANDRÉ Breton, of course.

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>From the Chicago Tribune obit:

"Mr. Rosemont was also editing a series on surrealism for the
University of Texas.

"Many of his books were published by Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co.,
where he essentially served as editor-in-chief. He and his wife
enlisted a younger generation to write and work for the company, many
drawn by Mr. Rosemont's infectious personality.

"'He had a lot of enthusiasms,' his wife said."


One of Franklin Rosemont's enthusiasms, in addition to histories of
"labor and surrealism" noted by the obit, was the relationship between
revolutionary Marxism and surrealism. In 1977, he edited and
introduced a collection of Andri Breton's writings, "What is
Surrealism?", ....

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