[Marxism] accents (was: test - ignore)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Apr 15 08:22:47 MDT 2009

Richard Fidler wrote:
> à, é, í, ô, û

all three of Richard's posts came thru with correct accents for material 
he typed into his message. for example:

1. his original reply:

> introduced a collection of André Breton's writings, "What is

2. his retry:

> Oops, typed too fast. That was ANDRÉ Breton, of course.

3. and his test:
> à, é, í, ô, û

however, one of his replies:

> Well, now I see that the problem is that my acute accent "e" is being
> turned into an "i" on this list.   [snip]
> Oops, typed too fast. That was ANDRI Breton, of course.

shows that HIS emailer has displayed 'é' as an 'I' ...

this kind of thing is a constant headache for list administrators, as it 
requires educating subscribers on the difference between CONTENT and 
DISPLAY in an email message. Further, various email applications will 
munge these characters in various ways when you hit reply, as happened 
for Richard. as you can see, hie emailer converted what was a properly 
accented character (as received by me) into something else.

bottom line: our list server is handling these characters correctly. 
write me offlist if you need help coercing your email app to do the 
right thing, under the assumption it can be MADE to do the right thing.


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