[Marxism] accents (was: test - ignore)

Richard Fidler rfidler_8 at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 15 08:33:06 MDT 2009

Thanks, Les. I'll check this out from my end. Good to know that the
list handles these things correctly.



this kind of thing is a constant headache for list administrators, as
requires educating subscribers on the difference between CONTENT and
DISPLAY in an email message. Further, various email applications will
munge these characters in various ways when you hit reply, as happened

for Richard. as you can see, hie emailer converted what was a properly

accented character (as received by me) into something else.

bottom line: our list server is handling these characters correctly.
write me offlist if you need help coercing your email app to do the
right thing, under the assumption it can be MADE to do the right


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