[Marxism] The Case of Turkey as a Peripheral Agent of Neoliberal Globalization

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 15 10:53:49 MDT 2009

I'm glad that Louis now and then posts articles about Turkey, a country that one could only contemplate on its politics within the frame of its uniqueness as being at the same time an eager applicant for integration into Western capitalism but nonetheless reluctant to give up on her everlasting fantasy about the historical role that she has assumed, namely being a bridge between the East and the West. Taking this into consideration, the first article that Lois posted recently, ( http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/marxism/2009w14/msg00281.htm ) written by Nuray Mert one of the few who still preserves a degree of dignity in the mainstream Turkish media, brings up an ostensibly crucial question: What should we Turks do against the trickery and knavery of American imperialism? But, this is a dim-witted question. First of all, the denomination of "we Turks" is what prevents the Turkish working class to distinguish the nature of imperialism since it masks
 the "principal contradiction" (I know this sounds Maoist) between capital and labor that underlines the mechanism of modern imperialist hegemony and the collaboration between imperialists and native ruling classes. Secondly, employing Turkey as the moderate shield against fundamentalism is not simply an imperialist policy imposed against her own will, this ambiguous position of "sticking in between" has been the core of our eternal fundamental fantasy about the world in the first place. So, at least for a country which is not directly under imperialist occupation, what "we" must do against imperialism is a trivial ideological question which drives the real question out to the inferno of bogus nationalism. Essential injunction here is: Love your masters and hate "the Empire". Here, if we turn to Badiou, for whom, our main enemy is not the Empire or imperialism or even capital, but capitalist democracy, whose knowledge, encyclopedia prevents us to "decide
 about the possible existence of another politics", Turkish working class should dispense with historical fantasies and resist to externalization of Enemy in the embodiment of inaccessible imperialist knavery and must focus their energy to struggle against the political formation that determinates undecidables.


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