[Marxism] Pirates of the sea, pirates of the air

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Wed Apr 15 18:38:57 MDT 2009

Artesian inquired if there is "any back up for decline in stocks due
to international fishing off the coast of Somalia" and whether there
are "international fleets present in the Gulf of Aden."

You will find the following FAO website useful:

It is reported, for example, that:

"There are also an estimated 700 foreign-owned vessels that are fully
engaged in unlicensed fishing in Somali waters. This illegal,
unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing in the offshore, as well as
in the inshore, with the difficulties it causes for legitimate Somali
fishermen, causes great problems for monitoring, control and
surveillance (MCS) of the Somali EEZ. It is impossible to monitor
their fishery production, in general, let alone the state of the
fishery resources they are exploiting. There is also strong suspicion
of illegal dumping of industrial and nuclear wastes along the Somali


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