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US Has Won a Huge Victory
US Aircraft and Elite Navy SEALs Defeat Three Somalis in a Lifeboat
By Glen Ford
April 15, 2009 "Black Agenda Report" -- -

“An estimated $300 million worth of Somali sea life is pirated by foreigners
every year.”
What a weekend for American foreign policy! The United States Navy, backed
up by warships from 20 other nations, knocked off three Somali guys
crouching with rifles in a lifeboat tied by a rope to a U.S. destroyer. To
hear the U.S. corporate media tell it, the Americans had won a huge victory
over the forces of evil. The sole surviving Somali was in custody – a
16-year-old who essentially gave himself up, earlier, after being hurt in a
scuffle with the American cargo ship captain who is now celebrated as a hero
of the seven seas and defender of United States national honor.
There is something obscene about a superpower whose media and population
find great satisfaction, and some sick form of national catharsis, every
time they manage to overcome a weak and desperate opponent.
Some dreaded seagoing Somalis began taking up piracy in 1991, when the
Somali government disintegrated and there was no one to patrol the country’s
coasts. About the same time, and not coincidentally, commercial fishing
fleets from around the world took advantage of the lack of a Somali coast
guard, to steal every fish they could find in Somali waters. That’s “robbery
on the high seas,” the definition of piracy. An estimated $300 million worth
of Somali sea life is pirated by foreigners every year. Other kinds of
pirates nowadays often leave something behind – the piratical poisonous
waste dumpers. They seem to be mafia-connected outfits that dump the
radioactive waste from European hospitals into Somali waters, along with
heavy metals and dangerous chemicals of all kinds. A survey by the Somali
news agency Wardheer News shows that 70 percent of Somalis “strongly
supported piracy as a form of national defense of the country's territorial
Having seen their coastal waters pirated by foreigners since 1991, Somalis
were then forced to endure the land and air piracy of the Ethiopians and the
United States, who collaborated in late 2006 to invade the country and oust
the only relatively effective government Somalia had had in 15 years.
Occupied by Ethiopia with the backing of the American superpower, Somalis
were stripped of the last thing they had on land or sea – their national
sovereignty. The foreign super-pirates had taken everything.
“70 percent of Somalis ‘strongly supported piracy as a form of national
defense of the country's territorial waters.’"
But the Somalis kept fighting back, anyway, driving out the Ethiopians and
making the Americans fume with rage. The Somalis refused to roll over and
die, or beg. Black U.S. Congressman Donald Payne’s airplane was targeted by
mortars when he visited Somalia’s ravaged capital, Mogadishu, over the
weekend. Payne opposed the U.S.-Ethiopia invasion of Somalia, but some of
the Islamist fighters battling for control of the country may not make
distinctions among the foreigners who pass through or over their land – and
who can blame them? Barack Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations, a young
Black woman named Susan Rice, is positively rapid when it comes to beating
Somalia into submission. She was more gung-ho for the U.S.-Ethiopian
invasion than George Bush. Susan Rice is no doubt searching for a military
solution to Somali 20090415Piracygfpiracy – which would amount to more
piracy by the same foreigners that have driven Somalis to such desperate
measures. For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to
www.BlackAgendaReport.com <http://www.blackagendareport.com/>.
BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at
Glen.Ford at BlackAgendaReport.com.

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