[Marxism] US Has Won a Huge Victory!

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I don't even believe that's how it was done.  Seas were rough so they 
shortened the tow line to 100 yards?  OK.  But then 3 single shots in rough 
seas took down the 3 Somalis?  And only one appeared at a hatch with weapon?

Making the shots at 100 yards is nothing, even at night, given the 
improvements of the old starlight scopes... but in rough seas?.  Little boat 
pitches differently than the big boat...

Call me cynical and jaded, I don't buy the story.  I'll buy the Seals 
getting to the lifeboat and slitting throats.  I'll buy the Somalis thinking 
they had made a deal, and then the real deal being closed...
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US Has Won a Huge Victory
US Aircraft and Elite Navy SEALs Defeat Three Somalis in a Lifeboat
By Glen Ford
April 15, 2009 "Black Agenda Report" -- -

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