[Marxism] US Has Won a Huge Victory!

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 09:08:49 MDT 2009

I'm a *little* suspicious of the seemingly easy ability of US snipers to 
take out three people with head shots. Actually, the lifeboat was within 
about 120 feet, not 100 yards from one story I heard. Regardless of the 
size of the US ship, it bobs up and down, albeit slower than the smaller 
life boat which bobs faster and not in rhythm with the bigger boat. 
Taking any shot from a platform moving up and down at another platform 
moving up down is VERY difficult. Head shots, too, a target with about 8 
inches by 5 inches. Anyone who has taken target practice shooting at 
targets at 100 yards knows how difficult this is when even the wind is 
blowing at 10mph (wind has a huge effect on the side-to-side bullet 
deviation from a target). S. Artisen's speculation may well be right. 
We'll never really know, I suspect.


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