[Marxism] Profit shares, 2000-2007

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 16 15:12:00 MDT 2009

Very interesting from Eurostat:

In 2007, non-financial corporations were more
profitable in the euro area and EU than in the United
States. The highest shares of operating profit were
found in Norway, Ireland and Slovakia. The lowest
were recorded in the United States, France and Sweden
The share of operating profit in value added generally
tended to increase over the 2000-2007 period compared
with the share of labour costs. This was the case in the
US, the euro area and the EU, notably in Poland,
Slovenia, Germany and Slovakia. However, this share
fell sizeably in Denmark, the Baltic countries
(Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and Italy.

Non-financial corporations invested more in proportion to
their value added in the euro area and in the EU than in
the United States. Highest investment rates were recorded
in Latvia, Slovakia and Spain whereas the lowest were
found in the Netherlands, the US and the United

Investment rates fluctuated over 2000-2007 with a net
increase in Spain while a net fall was recorded in
Germany, the US and the United Kingdom.
This analysis is based on a selection of indicators derived
from national accounts that illustrate the behaviour of
non-financial corporations as regards profits and
investment, before the ongoing economic slowdown.
More information on concepts and methods is provided at
the end of this publication.

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