[Marxism] interesting but long article on R. D. Laing

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 16 04:31:30 MDT 2009

Gary MacLennan wrote:

> Vietnam War raging, many could 
(can still)
 >sympathize with Laing's belief that
> bourgeois society itself was 

> Nowadays few people outside the literature departments of some colleges 
> take R.D. Laing seriously. 

An element of truth is not to be overlooked. One needs
to take bits of truth however immersed they may be in the sea
of bs that passes for the vulgar reality or pop culture or in the
minds of the deranged.

On the same shelf we may have had Eric Fromm.
The wrote "The Sane Society." (Escape from Freedom...)
That book explores the definition of "sane." Sane may be confused
with "normal." Normal is easier to fake.

Does anyone up there take Fromm seriously? Lits have the most 
condescending (insane) cocktail parties.


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