[Marxism] Taliban Exploit Class Rifts to Gain Ground in Pakistan

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Fri Apr 17 07:40:17 MDT 2009

I am reminded that back in the late 1990s when
the Taliban originally took over Afghanistan,
some analysts described their tactics as being
very similar to those used by the Maoists.
The NY Times story about the Pakistani Taliban
also suggests that they too are using tactics
that are rather similar to those of the Maoists.
And lest anybody object that the Taliban are
Islamists, whereas the Maoists are secularists.
I would point out that among other things both 
groups tend to emphasize the enforcement of a 
strict puritanical moral code over the areas 
which they rule (although the Maoists presumably 
are less restrictive of women).

Jim F. 

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NY Times, April 17, 2009
Taliban Exploit Class Rifts to Gain Ground in Pakistan

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