[Marxism] A bloody love story

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 09:22:38 MDT 2009

Two young persons. She, 19, he, 23. They wanted to marry, against the 
wishes of their families. They belonged to different sects within the 
same body of religion, and to two different nationality groups. They 
were trying to escape their home country to a neighboring one so they 
could begin a life together. The girl´s family found them, and handed 
them over to an irregular but powerful local armed force. They were 
murdered, one shot each.

What really matters is the country of destination of the dead: Iran.

The country of origin: Afghanistan.

Of course, this piece of news which I am summing up from a Buenos Aires 
newspaper will be used to support Obama´s effort into Afghanistan, and 
perhaps to whitewash the public image of the Iranian "regime" (soon to 
become an "administration" in journalistic doublespeak, if the Afghan 
option really becomes cetnral to the US).

But there is another side to the whole story: that the Taliban (the 
local armed force) were delivered, fed and brought up by both Saudi 
Arabia and USA. When speaking of Iran, these small tragedies should be 
taken into account. Not to support the imperialist whitewash, and so on. 
But to be careful at the moment of raising charges agaist those "theocrats".

I have always found it very funny that since the Iranian revolution 
almost everybody has come to forget the deeply theocratical character of 
the Saudi, Emirati, etc., "administrations". And of their scions.

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