[Marxism] Morales and Obama

J.M.P.Cloke at lboro.ac.uk J.M.P.Cloke at lboro.ac.uk
Fri Apr 17 09:37:06 MDT 2009

True. But all roads lead to belief-based politics, if you 
ask me. So, if you want to believe that the US couldn't 
possibly have been attacked by a bunch of Arabs on fake 
passports using box-cutters, 9/11 was a conspiracy and you 
become a 'truther', and if you don't want to accept a 
black man as president, Obama wasn't born in the US and 
you become a 'birther'... which makes global climate 
change deniers 'warmers', I suppose? or 'wetters'?

Jon Cloke

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