[Marxism] Morales and Obama

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Fri Apr 17 21:43:14 MDT 2009

Obama gets into power and, driven by the same right-wing kind of media  
frenzy as further south, you get the 'birthers' who want to see B.O.s birth  
certificate, which certainly wouldn't have been the case if he'd been white, 
you  get the 'States' Righters' who are just a movement to pretend that the  
Republican party and the Conservatives weren't responsible for the economic  
collapse and that they have the right to demand that states get to be  
semi-autonomous on request and that it's all 'the Fed' and the 'Federal  
Government' that is dragging the US down, which they didn't give a crap about  when 
it was the rich white frat boy Bush doing the dragging? 
Jon Cloke 
May I suggest the book "Made In Texas: George W. Bush and the Southern  
TakeOver of American Politics" by Michael Lind? 
You will not regret this small book. It covers the diverse ideological  
groups within the Republican Party and their history. This is the one book that 
 will give anyone a concise but detailed understanding for Bush W. 
administration  and American politics over the last 50 years. The beauty of the book 
is that it  is only 194 pages. 
The social and political basis of the Republican party is in the "solid  
South" - the Bible Belt. or the exact same area of the old plantation system 
in  America and American political fascism.  Fascism as a political 
institution  during the epoch of capitalism was birthed and perfected in the American 
South  and later copied - down to the black codes, by Hitler's Nazi power 
in power. 
Most certainly the color factor - white supremacy and then white  
chauvinism, is an aspect of everything political in America. The core of the  radical 
bourgeois opposition to the Obama administration, (as opposed to various  
expressions of opposition from the left), has the most naked and brutal white 
 chauvinism at its ideological core. This is not a lunatic fringe movement 
but  the stable core of the historic fascist movement in America. 
Sarah Palin can be understood in the same light. 
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