[Marxism] The Democratic Socialist Perspective ¹ s dirty laundry

Nick Fredman n.fredman.11 at scu.edu.au
Sat Apr 18 04:14:43 MDT 2009


>>For those who don't realise, Nick has abruptly jumped the Tasman here to
refer to New Zealand...Matt McCarten is now one of the key figures behind

Thanks John for the clarifications to a rushed post. I understand McCarten
post Alliance has also been involved in the Maori Party, and that he, or
maybe other leaders of Unite such as Mike Treen, collaborate in the union
and in electoral projects with the Socialist Worker comrades, who are fairly
dissident members of the IS tendency, in regards to their enthusiasm for
broad parties and for Chavismo. I unfortunately missed the SW comrades at
our recent conference but was impressed by them and Treen at a similar
conference in 2005. 

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