[Marxism] Howard Zinn's MARX IN SOHO

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Sun Apr 19 09:17:00 MDT 2009

Mark Lause,
Glad you are enjoying yoru reading of the play. MARX IN SOHO is 
multi-faceted. And many enjoy it for the reason you expressed.  We have 
been touring the play for nearly four years to help stimulate dialogue. 
We like using it not just as an introduction to Marx's ideas but as an 
introduction to both classical and contemporary sociological thought.

 We find it offers something to everyone. For one who is familiar with 
Marxist thought, it offers a glimpse of  who Marx might have been.  For 
someone who knows little of Marx it offers a great introduction.   The 
play focuses on the man behind the theories,  Marx the father,  Marx the 
husband, Marx the impoverished immigrant breathing life into this figure 
most think of in terms of his theories.  Howard Zinn has crafted a play 
that not only introduces an audience to the ideas of Marx in a non- 
confrontational manner, but also inspires an audience to be open to 
thinking about their community and society from the perspective of these 
(and other) social theories. 

Hope we come to your town soon so you can see it live!

Mark Lause wrote:
> I recently got a copy of the play and have been watching the clips of
> it on YouTube.  I didn't expect to like such a personal way of
> introducing people to Marxism, but the play quickly won me over.  I
> suspect that it will become a real underground hit over the next few
> years.
> ML
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