[Marxism] Ward Churchill On Colonialism as Genocide; Thoughts About

kersplebedeb info at kersplebedeb.com
Sun Apr 19 19:50:21 MDT 2009

extermination or dislocation (i.e. ethnic cleansing) can be a way of 
securing people's land and resources; it can also be a way of 
terrorizing other people into keeping in line.

note that Churchill uses the word genocide with its United Nations 
definition, that does not require extermination, just policies or 
actions meant to destroy a people's collective identity. in my post i 
express my reticences with some implications of this defintion.


Mark Lause wrote:
> Colonialism is about the exploitation of people not just "nations."
> How does the extermination of populations secure their cheap labor?
> ML

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