[Marxism] Against the genocide in Sri Lanka

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Mon Apr 20 12:08:51 MDT 2009

The following was published on a blog, called Pass the Roti on the Left Hand
Side, well-known among left elements of the South Asian diaspora.  It is
instructive reading.

I didn't really want to write this entry.  But, as we have discussed in some
> of the tidbits, there is something that is abundantly clear whether you are
> a human rights activist, a Tamil nationalist, a socialist, or if you are
> just a pretty apolitical person being exposed to Sri Lanka for the first
> time: the Government of Sri Lanka is going to militarily control all the
> land on the island, breaking the stalemate with LTTE that has lasted for
> many years, and some several hundreds of thousands of people are going to
> face the potential of mass ethnic cleansing, with accompanying rape, murder,
> babykilling, violence, and other things.  In fact, there is a consensus that
> they already are.
> So this post is not attempting to offer deep analysis: some of my details
> may be wrong here and I am attempting to simply get it out before even more
> time passes than to provide all the links I would like.  I think the basic
> analysis I gave above is accurate, meaning we have about a week left to
> minimise the damage from an escalation of mass ethnic cleansing of the
> people who live in the small area still contested by the LTTE and the
> Government of Sri Lanka militarily. I hope if it resonates with you, you
> will take the time toat least  type 'sri lanka' in google news after this
> and perhaps post some of the items you think are important in our news
> sections.
> Instead of analysis, the basic message of this post is DO SOMETHING to
> exert direct or indirect pressure on the Sri Lankan government to stop them
> from 'finishing' the military conflict without letting all of the
> civilians/lesser threats stay and live or get out according to what is most
> decent, letting international observers in, letting journalists, medics, and
> documentarians in, setting in motion mechanisms for conflict resolution,
> etc.  From my side, I will promise to try to highlight what you do or
> suggestions and resources that you offer in the body of this post through
> updates.
> [...]

The full entry can be read at http://passtheroti.com.


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