[Marxism] Learning how to write

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 20 17:50:56 MDT 2009

Just try to learn from him:

Can China Catch a Cool Breeze?
By Christian Parenti

On a range of seaside mountains between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, two 
visions of China's future development stand side by side. The slope of 
the mountains is busy with construction workers building roads and swank 
modern trophy homes, each with a two-car garage. The valley below is 
carpeted with acres of bright green chemical-fed golf courses, their 
sand traps winking up in playful floral patterns. This is the future as 
California-style, auto-based sprawl.

On the ridgeline above this stands the other vision: four tall wind 
turbines face the South China Sea, receiving the steady ocean breeze. 
The turbines of the Da Mei Sha wind farm are part of the country's 
rapidly rising renewable energy sector. This small wind farm represents 
an alternate future: that of China as a green technology giant.


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