[Marxism] Brad DeLong's "Understanding Marx" lecture

Steve Palmer spalmer999 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 21 08:27:02 MDT 2009

One has to admire the breathtaking arrogance with which so many falsehoods and misinterpretations are delivered in such a short space. If a student delivered a paper of this 'quality' about Keynes or Friedman to a bourgeois professor, it would go straight in the shredder.

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> After the exchange between Harvey and Delong some time
> back, I  thought
> some might be interested in DeLong's latest 
> manifestation:
> http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/2009/04/delong-understanding-marx-lecture-for-
> april-20-2009.html
> Ian
> Comment
> Read all 14 pages and then wished I had not. 
> Pretty awful. Not for its bias but presumption of what Marx
> wrote and  
> meant.


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