[Marxism] Brad DeLong's "Understanding Marx" lecture

Ian Seda isedairi at econs.umass.edu
Tue Apr 21 10:09:12 MDT 2009

Louis Proyect wrote:

"I think DeLong was one of the stupidest people I ever ran into on PEN-L
or LBO-Talk. It is a mystery to me why he was ever treated with respect.
Somebody should have thrown a shoe at him the minute he showed up."

This essay (or whatever it is...) just seems to be a very badly
articulated collage of various often repeated attacks on Marx, and of
course, he has to say somewhere that "when i read this some time
back..." but of course, its difficult to believe such a  claim.

This reminds me of renowned Chicago School economist George Stigler's
edited book on Adam Smith's Wealth of the Nations. After reading it
one gets the impression that Stigler didn't actually read that book,
but was just repeating the Adam Smith appropriated by the
neoclassicals- the one that doesn't come back to some of his initial
points to develop them to see what problems there are.

At the end DeLong is yet another fraud with institutional backing.


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