[Marxism] China's downturn

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In order to not continue the discussion indefinitely let me just respond to 
this, from Marv:

"Artesian's second point reflects his characteristic confidence in the 
inevitablity of heightened class struggle."

That is correct.

I think there is more point to having confidence in the inevitability of 
class struggle, confidence in its likelihood of eruption, and success, than 
there is in having confidence in the Chinese leadership's ability to

1. "NOT  perpetuate the  "cheap labour" production of textiles, toys, and 
other low-value goods for  export," or

2."it's policy is to reorient the economy away from the latter and towards a 
greater share of economic growth from consumer spending and the export of 
autos, steel, telecommunications, biotechnology, aerospace, and  other more 
capital-intensive products further up the value chain," OR

3."that in certain circumstances, the state will move to redress extremes of 
inequality which  are perceived as economically inefficient and socially 
disruptive." OR

4. Lueko's view that monthly auto sales represent a fundamental, 
substantive, qualitative change in the terms of capitalist accumulation.

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