[Marxism] Oh, mother language!!!!!!!!!!!

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 15:00:24 MDT 2009

Sometimes I wish my mother language was English.

But it is Spanish, which I don´t deplore but for the effects this has on 
my English.

For example, I cannot write, as Michael Friedman did,

 > What is damaging to imperialism is not the capitalism, but the
 > nationalism, and that because it is a stepping-stone or a potential
 > stepping stone (as Fidel well knows) to socialist transformation.

Words fail me, so that I have to write

 >> "national capitalisms" are not just such,
 >> they are moments in the development of national revolutions. Which is
 >> the struggle where the masses in the semicolonial (yes, semicolonial)
 >> world get their historical consciousness.

Which is longer, abstract and ugly.

Thank you, Mike.

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