[Marxism] "Cheney slams Obama again" and extensive introductory comments by me

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Apr 22 16:21:50 MDT 2009

Louis "commented":
Okay, I'll make the record: Obama is not as evil as Bush. But as far as 
voting for Democrats is concerned, they can still kiss my ass.

Fred "responds":
Ohmigod! I forgot to vote for Democrats again in the last election! Because
of that hand tremor, I voted for Cynthia McKinney! The same disability has
kept me from voting for Democrats (or Republicans, I might add) for nigh
onto 50 years. 

Louis, caught in a time warp past and future, thinks the only issue worth
actually discussing about the Obama administration is whether people should
have voted for it in 2008 or, alternatively, whether they should vote for it
in 2012, when I expect not to vote for either imperialist party once again
but am frankly not giving the matter much thought.

Louis suggests that he completely accepts my argument that Obama's foreign
policy toward Iran and Latin America (and that is all I am arguing)
represents a "lesser evil" than that of his similarly imperialist opponents
who are beginning to kick up a fuss about it.

This is an extension of the "lesser evil" argument Louis made during the
election campaign. At that time he insisted that Obama would be a lesser
evil on the basis only of what he assumed were his likely Supreme Court

Oddly enough, I never conceded that Obama was the lesser evil at all. I
argued that we would not know that until he was in office. People say a lot
of things when they campaign. I have known many "lesser evils" -- especially
Democrats -- who turned out to be quite otherwise. I never accepted Louis'
implicit assumption that Democrats are always the lesser evil. Though of
course Louis, like me (no more and no less, despite the hype), never
advocated voting for the "lesser evil."

I advocated a class-national-social vote for McKinney. I argued that Obama
being the Black candidate and the political character of the mass response
to the campaign indicated that his election was politically preferable
(given that McKinney and Nader were both completely out of the running). 

It is only now that I have clearly concluded that at this point in time his
policies toward Iran, Cuba, and continental Latin America are preferable to
that advocated by those who are challenging him. That is based on an
assessment of the administration's deeds at this point, and subject to
change without notice.

On the question of Supreme Court appointments, I did not and do not think I
could judge whether his appointments would be "lesser evil" The bourgeois
character being given, of course, Democrats have appointed some real
monsters to the court. Even Nixon and Bush sr. made some relatively good
ones. It is anybody's guess what McCain would have done in practice. Depends
on a lot of things. 

I will know whether his Supreme Court appointments are "lesser evil" when he
makes one. Primitively empirical I admit, but that's my tendency within
Marxism. I tend to think that nothing that hasn't happened has happened
until it does happen.

I wish Louis would stop being such an inattentive nickel-and-dime demagogue
when he responds to me, but Mother Nature has apparently determined
otherwise and I must accept her decree.

I hope somebody responds to what I said, rather than to electoral obsessions
that are all their own.

Because of my respect for the post of Holy Roman Moderator, I leave the last
word to Louis in this exchange.

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