[Marxism] Overthrowing, no. Damaging? Ask the US military.

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Nestor states, in reference to the supposed conflict between national 
capitalism and the international advanced capitalist network:

"Damaged, certainly yes. This is a task for all radicals.
 If this were not the case, then why do imperialist bourgeoisies 
systematically fight against this kind of governments."

Why?  For the same reason they  fight against each other, for the same 
reason they squeeze the smaller members of their own class [whcih the 
national capitalists are]-- to aggrandize profit, to establish a general 
rate of profit... for the same reasons they do anything-- fear and greed.

Moments in the struggle of national revolutions?  That's what national 
capitalisms are?  They very well may be just that-- just as 
counterrevolutions are also moments in the struggle of national revolutions. 
National revolutions in Europe in the 19th century were intimately bound up 
with counterrevolution against the emerging struggle for the emancipation of 

The national revolution in the United States, the Civil War, is intimately 
bound up with counterrevolution, allowed and supported by the victorious 
national bourgeoisie of the north.

The "national revolution" in every country that did not, relying on the fSU, 
liquidate the economic power, the property of its national bourgeoisie, 
inevitably gave way to the imposition of an imperialist hand-maiden 

Does anyone think for one second that that, "the struggle where the masses 
in the semicolonial... world get their historical consciousness" is what's 
going on in China today?  That the Deng and post-Deng period of capitalist 
penetration is indicative of the masses in a semi-colonial country getting 
their historical consciousness?   If anybody thought that, it might make me 
despair, for just a second.  But it wouldn't leave me speechless.

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