[Marxism] Doomsday And Its Effect on the Left: WAS Re: Worst Environmental Problem? Overpopulation, Experts Say

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 08:54:45 MDT 2009

"Here's another odd call to "replace" fossil fuels, yet if we conserve
and stop "overconsumption" we will only need to provide a small
percentage of what we waste (need?) today.

"Replacement should be reserved for things we wish to have, and there is
no reason to replace one kind of too much with another kind of too much,
clean or not.

"Later, replacing fossil fuels may be possible, but later is going to be
too late... forget the cost. How much does it cost to not do something.


I don't want to take up Paddy's climate change skepticism here. There 
are others I suppose that can do that.

Barry's POV however is something else that I fear infects the Left, the  
belief that "we consume too much". I think  this is nonsense. It tends 
to be Yankee or Euro-centric, and is rather undefined.

Conservation will not bring Africa and other underdeveloped regions into 
the 21st century, Barry. Even if we went backward and *impoverished* 
ourselves, it wouldn't help that half of the world lift their levels of 
standard of living. I fear you reflect the POV that preaches 
'starvation': in consumption of all things and especially energy. You 
want to race downward, toward the 19th Century.

Conservation, something that is intrinsically a "Good Thing" won't 
produce one more KW hour of electricity, or another refrigerator, or 
another means of transportation. Conservation is on a "Good Thing" if 
it's involves continued economic development and assures a rising 
standard of living for the majority of the world people.

The bottom line is that you can't plan an economy around efficiency and 
conservation as it doesn't take into account true economic growth and 
development of the population. We need an expansion of the productive 
forces, done in an efficient and conservation-conscious way, but one 
that *expands* and lifts people out of poverty.


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