[Marxism] Oh mother language!!!!!!!

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 09:19:07 MDT 2009

           There is no need to feel bad about lack of proficiency in English. It is a language spoken by people in many countries and has different flavours in different countries.
For example, the English spoken by many Indians is usually referred to as "Hinglish" (Hindi + English).
But then peple in Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Kerala in South India speak English each with a different accent and Bengali English (Benglish?) is unique and is difficult for others to understand.
But on the whole in India, the English language as is spoken formally in business, official and literary contexts is very near to the old British English, though it is slowly getting corrupted by American jargon. Oh, by the way, nobody has maimed English more than the Americans! But on the whole, many educated Indians are comfortable with three languages, their regional language (Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc.), English and also Hindi, our national language.
Words such as curry, guru, nirvana have entered English language from India.
Vijaya Kumar Marla


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