[Marxism] Eating is not over-consumption

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 22 22:49:33 MDT 2009


Yes, let's reject the parts of Daly that are offensive, but let's keep
what we may find useful. Don't be diverted from the important point.

Whether one is for or against immigration it remains that expanding
output, rather than guiding it to the poor, wherever they may be, is the
wrong goal. We do waste a lot to stay busy, since we confuse income and
the rate of profit with wealth.

Is use-value a rate or an amount? Should the rate of production support
a low rate of replacement for a long time or high rate of waste for a
short time? Is stability stagnation?

Is a neo-Malthusian anyone who thinks there are any limits to population
and consumption? If so, many Marxists are also neo-Malthusian, but real
people don't fit into little boxes without many parts hanging over the edge.

Some of my best friends are illegal immigrants, from Europe. My legal
friends are all from Mexico.


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